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Eco-Friendly Tableware from Plant Biomass

Eco-Friendly Tableware from Plant Biomass

Healthy and green lifestyle is a growing trend these days. There have been many eco-friendly alternatives for everyday use products.

Rhea Singhal, the founder of Ecoware wanted to improve on this trend by making eco-friendly tableware. Her company makes these products which are healthy substitutes for plastic.

Rhea says that when she moved to India, she saw the trend of healthy eating at many places. Usage of organic products like raw material for making healthy meals has been increasing. She saw that all of that organic food is being served on plastic of Styrofoam plates. She felt it reduced the healthiness of organic meals.

Rhea, who was born in Mumbai is a pharmacologist. She grew up in Dubai since she was a year old. In 2009, she moved to India. When she was in other countries, she was used to eco-friendly products. She saw that there was a need for more products in India.

As she used to work in a pharmaceutical company named Pfizer in the oncology team, she knew the factors that can cause cancer. Putting hot food on thin plastic can release toxic juices into the food and change flavor. This can increase the risk of cancer.

She started searching for good alternatives. After conducting her own research she self-funded and founded Ecoware in May 2009 with one factory in Uttarakhand. At first, the company only made bowls and plates. Her work quickly become more famous and now Ecoware has a team of over 100 people and another factory based in Greater Noida. They make 16 different products now.

The products are made from plant biomass. It is the leftover crop after the processing of rice, wheat or sugarcane. This raw material is made into pulp and designed with molds. Each product lasts for about 90 days. They are all microwaveable and can be stored in refrigerator.

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