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The Eco-friendly house

The Eco-friendly house

D. Suresh a graduate of IIT-Madras and IIT-Ahmedabad has turned his entire house into an eco-friendly one.

It is a fully self-sufficient house. It has its own solar power source, water harvesting unit, and even its own biogas unit.

Suresh lives in Vasu Street in Chennai and earned the nickname of Solar Suresh by his friends and family.

He is an advocate of self-sustenance and eco-friendly lifestyle. His beliefs motivated him to create a comfortable life independent of others.

Each and every one of his day to day activities come from a self-sustained eco-friendly method.

He created his own bio gas plant with which he cooks. All his electrical appliances are powered by the solar plant he installed in his home.

Suresh works as a general manager of a company and says he want to inspire more people live in an eco-friendly way.

Whatever he wants to cook, he generally finds from his own roof-top kitchen garden.

Suresh got the idea to live this way when he visited Germany. He says that he saw people there who had roof-top solar plants.

The Eco-friendly house

The Eco-friendly house

He then thought that if Germany, a country with such less sunshine could use solar power, Indians can certainly make use of the abundant sun light available to them.

After returning to India, he started working on his idea to create a self-sufficient home.

His home has 11 fans, 25 lights, a refrigerator, computer, water pump, TV, mixer- grinder, oven, washing machine and an AC that are all powered by the solar plant.

In the last four years, he never experienced a power cut because of it. He saved his electricity bills and produced around 12 to 16 units a day.

When Chennai was hit with the cyclone, the entire city lost power for 3-4 days. In that time his friends and family would come to his home to charge their phones and even get water.

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