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This device is preventing drunk driving

This device is preventing drunk driving

India is well-known for its dangerous drivers and often-perilous road environment. One of the most common causes of road accidents in India is drunk drivers.

The traffic police have been trying to educate people about the serious reasons why people must not drink and drive.

Their efforts have been mostly futile, since the issue still persists.

However, a new device has just been invented by Uttarakhand Residential University and RI Instruments and Innovations India that can help solve this problem.

Their device can prevent a driver from starting his or her car if he or she is sleepy, drunk, or talking on the phone.

The prototype for this device was developed by a team of researchers.

This team includes Akash Pandey, Kuldeep Patel, and R. P. Joshi. The prototype of this device is based on graphene, which is a by-product of carbon.

The graphene is generated from wild grasses and waste products.

The device will be activated when the person in the driving seat blows on it. The sensor will analyze and estimate the liquor consumption of the driver.

If the driver’s alcohol content is higher than the maximum amount prescribed by the Motor Vehicle Act, the engine of the car will not start.

The infrared feature of this device makes it difficult to cheat. It can detect when anyone apart from the driver tries to blow onto the sensor.

If this happens, the vehicle will still refuse to start. The device can also analyze a person’s eye movements if he or she is falling asleep at the wheel. If this happens, the device will alert the co-passengers.

This device can also send an alert if a driver is talking on the phone while driving. Lastly, the device can also help in an accident.

It is equipped with GPRS-GPS biometric technologies.

These technologies will quickly locate the vehicle and send an SOS to the police within five to ten minutes of the accident.

Although the device is still being tested, it holds promise for being a way to finally solve the drunk driving problem in India.

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