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Kruzr – Helps prevent road accidents

Kruzr – Helps prevent road accidents

Mobile phones, especially smartphones, have become a massive driving risk in recent years. Phone usage while driving has even come to match the risk of alcohol consumption while driving. In India, phone-related fatalities are especially rampant.

According to Nitin Gadkari, the Central Minister for Road Transportation, 50% of all selfie-related deaths occur in India. More generally, the Ministry of Transportation of India has estimated that 90% of people who own vehicles talk on the phone while driving their vehicle.

Therefore, Pallav Singh and Dinesh Fatehpuria decided to make a move to solve this issue. In 2015, the duo founded their company Kruzr.

Kruzr is a technological driving assistant that locks the screen of a person’s phone while he or she is driving a car.

Motion sensors in the technology differentiate between movement on foot and movement in a vehicle to know when to lock the phone’s screen. Kruzr also handles all calls and messages. If the phone gets a call, Kruzr will inform the caller that the person is driving, and to only continue if the call is important.

It also contains a chatbot that handles messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, and other social media. The chatbot informs the person messaging that the person is driving, and it displays important messages when the car stops next. Unimportant messages are shown when the trip is finished.

Pallav and Dinesh are looking at various mobile handset manufacturers and mobile network providers, which can be potential distribution partners for Kruzr. Their business is still small, but their opportunities are wide open, since their technology is much-needed for all Indian drivers.

Kruzr – Helps prevent road accidents

Kruzr – Helps prevent road accidents

Since many people own both smartphones and cars, they often use them at the same time, with dangerous consequences.

With their new technology, Pallav and Dinesh hope to put a stop to this problem and save millions of Indian lives.

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