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Convert your trash into useful potted plants

Convert your trash into useful potted plants

Plants are very essential for all living beings including human beings.

Though several people want to grow them, they hesitate due to inadequate place in their homes.

Several waste items are piled in homes normally as people do not want to throw them out. At the same time, they do not use these objects.

Now, a novel and innovative solution came up to solve the two problems.

Paudhe Se Yaari in Hyderabad is a concept store to gift a plant to your beloved people.

This is the idea of Gunjan Domingo who hailed from Rajasthan.

You will find various innovative products when you visit the store. This store is unique in several ways.

The first and foremost thing is they sell recycled wooden, ceramic, glass, cut glass, terracotta pots and even ones made with jeans, tyres and tins.

There is a huge demand for her jean pant potted plants.

Another thing is, the plants are indoor and have low maintenance. Some plants are imported from countries such as Thailand and some are from other states.

What more? You can have customized plants. The store has a huge box full of messages. You can pick any message and can get it on their plant.

Seasonal messages also available for occasions like Valentine’s Day.

Wooden plants are available on which you can carve your name or the name of your loved one.

The store also delivers theme based products for wedding and birthdays.

Convert your trash into useful potted plants

Convert your trash into useful potted plants

The price is also not much. Though it depends upon the theme, size, material and plant, it starts from ₹150.

So why wait? If you have old jeans or tins in your home, you can go and covert your items to useful pots.

Currently, only Hyderabadis can buy in the store. But, soon, Gunjan wants to sell her products online as well.

Image Reference: The Hindu

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