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Bare Necessities makes sustainable products

Bare Necessities makes sustainable products

Normally, many people do not care about their personal trash as they ignore the fact that their surroundings are their health.

But, when they find trash in their neighbouring areas, they think it is a problem.

Protection of the environment is everyone’s responsibility. If you do not protect it, it will affect your health.

Noting this problem, Sahar Mansoor wanted to do something. Environment is polluted by the people, hence being part of the pollution, they have to stop it, she says.

She started to reduce pollution by adopting eco-friendly products and zero-waste alternatives.

She wanted to eliminate plastic from her life. She sought the advice of her grandmother who had grown up in a zero-plastic environment.

Her grandmother told her about several things including natural cleaning products like shikakai, amla, hibiscus etc.

She also told the usage of steel tiffin boxes instead of plastic boxes is a good example of a zero-waste alternative.

Knowing several such things from her grandmother, Sahar replaced all her plastic products gradually with green alternatives.

From toiletries to cutlery, she replaced all plastic products with sustainable alternatives.

Then, she started making shampoos, soap bars, and body butters for herself. Her friends requested her to make such products for them too.

Then she decided to launch her products with the brand name Bare Necessities.

Though the family members of Sahar are serial entrepreneurs, she became an entrepreneur accidentally.

As she did not find a personal or home care product without any harmful chemicals in the market or without being packed in plastic, she wanted to create her own brand with zero waste.

Initially, she faced challenges. Yet, she overcame them with her courage and dedication by stepping forwarding.

She created a zero-waste personal care brand with her research which helps people as well as society.

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