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Kirya Labs help reduce pollution

Kirya Labs help reduce pollution

Air pollution due to the burning of agricultural waste is high in some states. Especially the smoke from agricultural fields in Punjab and Haryana in October each year is one of the prime causes of pollution.

The harmful gases like methane, carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide etc. released during the combustion of agricultural residue affect the public health in these areas in addition to the National Capital Region (NCR).

Furthermore, the particulate matter released in this process causes various health ailments such as bronchitis, asthma, cognitive impairment etc.

In order to tackle the issue, Kriya Labs has come with a solution.

This Delhi based startup aims to reduce the pollution of agricultural residue.

Kriya Labs was founded by Ankur Kumar, Kanika Prajapat and Pracheer Dutta, the IIT Delhi alumni.

This startup mainly focuses on rice straw and wants to create a market for it.

The creation of commercial value helps farmers generate additional income by selling it rather than burning it.

Kirya Labs designed a technology to convert rice straw into tableware. Thus, it aims to reduce its burning and thereby pollution due to it.

It designed an apparatus to turn rice straw into pulp and it patented the technology.

Kriya Labs established a functional prototype of the machinery at the IIT Delhi campus.

The startup says that this process can help generate four to five tonnes of rice pulp daily. This is adequate enough to handle the agricultural residue issue of 800 acres of land in each harvest season.

This rice pulp can produce at least 70 pieces of tableware.

Kriya Labs is associated with Ecoware, a tableware manufacturing company in Delhi, in order to process the pulp and make eco-friendly cutlery like cups, plates, trays, bowls and boxes.

The company is also partnered with local farmers and entrepreneurs. It is planning to establish its first processing unit by the end of this year.

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