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AARMR mask – An All-in-one mask for more safety

AARMR mask - An All-in-one mask for more safety

Various types of masks are available in the market. Yet, some innovators have been working on designing novel facemasks for the usage of people.

Here is a unique mask that serves many purposes. This all-in-one mask is developed by Desmania Design with the collaboration of AIIMS and IIT Delhi.

Desmania Design is one of the leading companies in the market in designing industrial products. Anuj Prasad is the co-founder of Desmania Design.

The company assigned a task to their workers during the lockdown. It asked the workers to think of a product that has some social impact.

Numerous ideas came from their employees. They sorted out after brainstorming and the company decided to make facemasks using their in-house resources.

A team of 3 people worked on the idea and developed a usable prototype, AARMR. It is a first-of-its-kind full facemask for the frontline healthcare workers and other workers who provide essential services.

The AARMR mask is more effective than a regular facemask due to the following reasons:

It covers the entire face; hence there is no risk of touching nose, eyes etc. It is reusable and durable. Even though it is full, it provides clear vision due to the low refractive index of acrylic.

Generally, people touch their facemasks several times to adjust them due to discomfort. As a result, they touch their face continuously.

But, the AARMR masks are comfortable and provides proper ventilation. Hence, users don’t need to touch their face to adjust them. Since it is an all-in-one mask to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth, it provides complete protection, says Anuj.

The price of the mask ranges from ₹500 to ₹1,200. Different types of facemasks are available based on the function of the user. Price varies with the filter in the mask.

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