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Hands free baby

Hands free baby

The Powai Run occurred about a month ago. Only a few number of men and women participated in this run and they only walked a small distance. However, they managed to grab the attention of everyone.
This is because all the participants “wore” their babies in slings, wraps, and baby carriers.This is the first baby-wearing walk that occurred in Mumbai and it was aimed at creating awareness about the practice of using baby carriers which was common in parts of India and Africa. Modern mums are once again beginning to change towards this trend. More and more people are discovering the physical and emotional benefits.
A few “mompreneurs” have created their slings and wraps. RashmeeGajra, a Mumbaikar has started making her own wraps after the birth of her second son. “My first son, Miit, was born a preemie. Even though there was no baby-wearing in those days I often kept skin contact with him because it is supposed to be beneficial,” says 38-year-old Gajra.
The baby can be worn with the help of the straps until the parent can bear the weight. These slings are especially helpful for working mothers who has to take care of their children.

Image Reference: timesofindia

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