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LetzChange – A Unique Bridge between Donors and NGOs

LetzChange – A Unique Bridge between Donors and NGOs

Most of the times, the donors who wish to donate funds have no clued to whom they should send their donations or whether their donations are used properly for the specific needs. There are plenty of non-profit organizations in India and many more are starting each year to help the poor and needy. Most of them face funding problems.

In this context, LetzChange was started to fill the gap between donors and the NGOs and act as a bridge. They discover the right NGOs and verify them and put their names and addresses on their website with which donors can easily find the vetted Organizations. In this way, donors can ensure their donations reach the right people and will be used properly. Similarly, the NGOs can also get more donations due to their credibility by LetzChange. The NGO of the Week are promoted on their website.

LetzChange is a team of socially-minded professionals from various backgrounds, based in Gurgaon, India and London, UK with a purpose to discover the verified Organizations. Using the LetzChange platform, the donations are reaching the right people actively and more than Rs. 3 million were raised by it in 2014 already.

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