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13 year old develops solar powered bike

13 year old develops solar powered bike

With the advent of solar power, the need for technology based on it increases day by day. Using renewable sources of energy to power various things of everyday use is becoming almost a necessity in the modern era.

Without finding alternative energy sources, mankind would go on a path to a world that is bare of energy sources.

Such is the situation of today’s world. However, here is the story of one teen from Haryana which will surely inspire more people to become environmentally friendly.

This 13 year old teenager used jugaad tech to build a bike that runs on solar power. Jugaad stands for using scrap or whatever is available in a creative way to make something useful.

Avneet Kumar from Rewari, Haryana is a lover of the eco-friendly lifestyle even from such a young age. He made this amazing creation to show everyone what can be done using solar power and he has no intention of stopping there.

The bike he made does not require any external power. It is also very cost effective and gives out no harmful emissions.

Avneet fitted solar panels on the back of the bike. It automatically recharges from sun light. The bike can reach a max speed of 20 kmph.

He even installed extra features on the bike like charging ports and an anti-sleeping alarm.

13 year old develops solar powered bike

13 year old develops solar powered bike


His impressive work at such a young age brought him a lot of fame. He was even praised by Chief Minister of Haryana Shri Manohar Lal on Twitter.

The minister congratulated the teen for his vision of a greener future.

The teenager does have a lot more plans for his future. He wants to fully explore the potential of solar power and make his dream solar powered car that would cost lesser than a Tata Nano.

India is in the path of looking to use less fossil fuel sources for energy. Youngsters like Avneet are exactly what the country and the world as a whole needs.

Image Reference: TheBetterIndia, SolarPowerAuthority

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