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Village helped wedding by crowd funding

Village helped wedding by crowd funding

Though majority Indians are supporting the decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ban ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes, some people are suffering with the sudden execution of it. The demonetization affected unorganized sector, rural people and the marriages severely.

Sambhaji Bhagal’s family is one among them. His daughter’s wedding was fixed in the month of November three months ago.

All of the family members were eagerly waiting for the wedding occasion. Cheerful atmosphere spread in the home. The sudden announcement of PM Modi about banning of higher denomination turned the situation chaotic.

Sambhaji Bhagal lives in Yalgud village of Kolhapur with his family. His family has no clue on how to perform their daughter Sayali’s wedding ceremony on November 23. As the family had planned for Sayali’s wedding and had been saving since the date was fixed.

But, due to sudden banning the family could not buy anything for their daughter’s wedding with the money they saved. They saved some money in the bank but could not withdraw the required amount due to limits imposed by the government.

Due to the present situation, they did not want their daughter’s wedding to be a grand occasion but they feared that it could not even be done in a simple manner.

Now, the rural India revealed their humanity and sincerity by extending their hands for the wedding of Sambhaji Bhagalfor’s daughter. They decided to sacrifice their personal needs and help the family. Many villagers in addition to their friends, relatives and neighbors stood in long queues in front of banks to withdraw money from their account and crowd funded Sambhaji. Everything was ready starting from gifts to clothes by November 22 when the haldi ceremony began.

Sayali is a graduate and finished her B.A and B.Ed. She expressed her gratitude to all the people who helped for her marriage.

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