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The importance of first year in marriage

The importance of first year in marriage

It is commonly said that the first year of the marriage is the hardest and most important phase for a couple. Whether it is a love marriage or an arranged marriage, the first 12 months often give hold many new things. Some things are exciting some things can be hard to deal with. Either way, the first 12 months are the hardest to deal with in a marriage. Here are the reasons why this is so.

The process of sharing

In a marriage, sharing is everything. The first year sees most of the sharing part. You must let your partner know the important things about you first. This includes past and future goals. At all costs avoid keeping secrets that can be disastrous if revealed.

Lack of complete understanding

The first year of marriage will see the most number of surprises about your partner. There will be many surprises you will find in the first year. Welcome these surprises with a positive outlook and remember that no one is without fault.

The fights

Fights will happen in every relationship and all you can do is your best to avoid them. Remember that fights will bring you closer to each other and helps accept the bad sides of your partner. Avoid being physical in your fights.

Merging of two families

Marriage not only unites two people, it unites two families. Clashes between these two families can occur. Try to avoid them and learn to love everyone equally. Try not to create differences between families and be understanding of your partners’ family too.

Dealing with crisis

Up until now you would be used to dealing with crisis by yourself. Now you have a partner to help you out. This provides interesting dynamics. Learn to solve problems together as there will be many you would face.

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