Why Indian women are scared of marriage

Reasons why Indian women are scared of marriage

Reasons why Indian women are scared of marriage

Marriage is one of the most important social traditions in this world. It is the base of the society which keeps human lives moving forward. Marriage should occur through love, trust, and understanding. It is generally seen that many women in India are scared of marriage. Here are some reasons to explain their fear.

Losing Identity

In many cases, women tend to think that they would lose their personal identity by getting married. This affects the mindset of a woman strongly. Most women would feel scared of being dependent on someone who is unknown and strange.

The in-laws

Many women these days prefer to live with their husbands and children separately. However, in Indian traditions, many married couples live along with the parents of the husband. This can be a worrying factor for many women.

Responsibilities increase

It is basic human nature to be afraid of getting more responsibilities. Getting married brings many new responsibilities in life. Many women can get scared of these new responsibilities.


As responsibilities increase, sacrifices have to be made. Women might feel that they are losing their independence due to marriage.

Two families

Many women are afraid of getting married because they would have to sacrifice their relationship with their parents and focus on the new family of their own.

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