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Significance of various things associated with Pongal

Significance of various things associated with Pongal

Normally Pongal means, earthen pots, sugarcanes, Indian Jujube fruits, rangoli, cow dung cakes, kites etc. come to mind.

These are mainly associated with Pongal festival.

Here is the significance of various things associated with Pongal festival.

Earthen pot has huge significance in many rituals in India. The pot with water inside, mango or betel leaves is symbolic to prosperity.

That’s why it is widely used in preparing traditional recipes during Pongal festival. It is even drawn in rangoli in this festive season as it is considered a good luck symbol.

The next thing that is associated with Pongal is sugarcane. Sugarcane represents the mind and the five senses. It is believed to control five bad things such as lust, anger, greed, pride and envy.

Health-wise sugarcane is good for all vital organs like stomach, kidney, liver etc. due to its medicinal properties. Another important fact is that the festival is a harvest festival and sugarcanes are widely produced and used in the preparation of various recipes to add sweet flavour.

Indian Jujube fruits have several health benefits. They are poured on the heads of the children on the day of Bhogi as these fruits are believed to protect them from the evil eye.

Rangoli or Kolam whatever is the name, Pongal is associated with it. People decorate their homes with beautiful rangoli designs during this festival.

Rangoli represents happiness and abundance. Since, this festival is associated with nature, insects or bird are fed with the rice flour which is used to draw the rangoli in the entrances of the homes.

Cows have great significance in many Hindu rituals. Cow dung is believed to clean the atmosphere and get rid of harmful insects.

Devotees believe that Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth resides in the homes of those who decorate their homes with cow dung. Bulls are also worshipped in this festival to mark their hard work in getting the harvest to homes.

Flying kites throughout India is a common scene during this festival. It is believed that the gods who are sleeping till now would wake up to bestow their blessings.

People fly kites to show their happiness. Scientifically, the Sun starts moving northward and the rays are good for health.

That’s why kite flying is good as it exposes one to the warmth of the Sun.
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