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Worship deities in the last fortnight of Kartika to develop

Worship gods in the last fortnight of Kartika

Kartika is a holy month and worshiping various deities will fetch you various benefits. In the earlier article, you have seen worship of various gods and goddesses in the first fortnight of Kartika month to raise and develop.

In this article, you will know the deities to be worshipped in the last fifteen days of the month to get different benefits. Remember these days fall in the Krishna Paksha.

Here is a list of the deities to be worshipped in the last fortnight of the Kartika month:

On Pratipada or the 16thday of Kartika month, worship Lord Agni or fire to get glory.

On Divitya, worship Ashvins, the vedic gods or doctors of gods to get health.

Tritiya day is dedicated to Goddess Parvathi for the wellbeing of husband and children.

Chaturthi is devoted to Lord Ganesha for a happy family life.

Worship snake gods on Panchami and Shasti for fertility and success in life.

Saptami is dedicated to Lord Sun. Worship Sun God to acquire health and longevity.

On Ashtami, worship Goddess Lakshmi to get peace and wealth.

Navami is devoted to Goddess Durga to get success in all walks of life.

On Dasami, worship the guardians of directions that include Kubera, Indra, Agni, Vayu, Varuna, Yama, Nirruti and Eeshana (Shiva) to get fame.

Ekadashi is dedicated to Kubera to acquire wealth.

If you worship Lord Vishnu on Krishna Paksha Dwadashi or 28th day, you will eternal life.

Trayodashi is dedicated to Lord Yama to be relieved from deadly diseases.

Chaturdashi is devoted to Lord Shiva to prevent sudden and unwanted death. It also relieves from severe diseases and helps in getting a healthy body and mind.

The last day in the month of Kartika is dedicated to Pitru Devatas or ancestors. Worship them to get mental stability.

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