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Products made with Cow urine or dung

Cows are a significant part of Indian culture. Even from ancient times cows are considered holy. Even the urine and dung of cows are considered to be holy and they were often used for many health ailments.

In the present day India, there are still products made with cow urine and dung. Let us take look at some of them.

Nandini Dhoop sticks which are made with cow dung and various herbs are part of a line of beauty products. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad launched a line of beauty products which contain cow dung and urine.

Another product in the line is Nandini skin cream, which contains cow urine, dung, and yellow beeswax. The third product is Snannadi Vilayan bathing liquid which contains Cow urine, and Hau Maya Bhamsa.

Harde Churna laxative is a product which is soaked in fresh cow urine. Nandini Beauty soap is another product which contains cow urine. It also consists of aloe vera and almond oil. These soaps are completely natural and are traditional Gaumaya herbal bath soaps.

The above mentioned products contain cow urine or cow dung for the sake of their medicinal properties.

Cow urine and dung have been used for various purposes including decorating homes in ancient India.

Even at present, many homes in rural India use cow dung as decoration and to prevent certain diseases.

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