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Significance of banana tree & leaves in Hindu culture

Significance of banana tree and leaves in Hindu culture

In Hindu culture, a banana tree has a great significance. It is quite common to decorate homes with banana leaves on auspicious events, wedding ceremonies and other happy occasions. Besides, banana fruits are offered to deities.

There are many reasons for the importance of banana tree and its leaves. As per some legends, once Rishi Durvasa’s wife disturbed his sleep. Hence, Durvasa cursed her to turn into a banana tree. However, he granted her wish of treating banana tree as a sacred plant considering her request. It is believed that the tree is considered holy since then. Usage of banana leaves is mentioned in Vedic rituals. Hence, they are believed to be holy.

Here is the significance of banana leaves and tree:

  • Banana leaves are used to decorate the entrance of the wedding venue. A banana tree symbolizes an everlasting relationship. Hence, wishing an evergreen relationship and love between the couple, these leaves are used for decoration.
  • It is also believed that Lord Ganesha is fond of banana leaves. Hence, these leaves are used during Ganapathi Puja.
  • Banana leaves are used to distribute Prasad in some temples.
  • Not just that, Goddess Durga is created with banana plantain during Durga Puja in Bengal.
  • The banana trunk represents luck and riches. That’s why it is used to decorate homes during festivals and other religious events.
  • As per some Puranas, the banana tree is treated as Brihaspati, the Guru of Gods. Hence, planting a banana tree at home is believed to fetch many benefits. Worshipping this tree on every Thursday is considered to get the benefits of Jupiter.
  • The tree also represents Lord Vishnu. Hence worshipping the tree and offering banana fruit as Prasad to Lord Vishnu and his consort Goddess Lakshmi is believed to please them. Devotees will be blessed with wealth, happiness and long marital bliss for this.

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