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Benefits of Planting banana tree at your home

Benefits of Planting banana tree at your home

As per Vastu experts and astrologers, planting a banana tree at your home has many benefits. It also improves the home environment with its pleasant look.

Choose east or north-east direction to plant a banana tree as the tree represents Lord Vishnu.

Here are the benefits of planting a banana tree at your home as per astrology:

  • People believe that the tree is related to the planet Jupiter, hence, it would resolve the problems related to it.
  • It is believed that if unmarried people plant the tree, they would get an ideal partner.
  • It is also believed that if students plant a tree, they would get good knowledge and education.
  • People worship the tree and water it regularly to get a good health. Apart from that, they do circumambulation around the tree nine times each Thursday to get benefits from Jupiter.
  • People wear gemstones in the belief of getting astrological benefits. However, not all people can afford these gems. Hence, there are certain alternatives. The root of the banana tree tied with yellow thread is to be worn on index finger in substitution of Yellow Sapphire. Yellow Sapphire is related to planet Jupiter. People believe that wearing Yellow Sapphire would fetch them all types of benefits like health, wealth, happiness, success etc.
  • It is also believed that people who have problems with Ketu in their horoscope should plant a banana tree to get the desired results. While some people plant a tree for three Thursdays, others will do it for eleven Thursdays.
  • People believe that marrying a banana tree would remove Manglik (Mangal) Dosha.
  • It is also said that if anyone plants a tree, then they should nurture it till the tree bears fruits.

However, some others say that planting a banana tree at your home is not good for the following reasons:

  • The banana tree requires huge water and it cannot survive under a shortage of water.
  • It also needs a lot of energy, fresh air and nutrients from the soil.
  • If you do not take care of the tree, it won’t survive, which is also considered a sin.

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