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Railways introduces biometric system for unreserved passengers

Railways introduces biometric system for unreserved passengers

Soon passengers in unserved coaches will get seats without any difficulty with the newly introduced biometric system of Indian Railways.

The move has been taken as a passenger-friendly step and a pilot project has been launched at Western Railway division at Mumbai Central railway station and Bandra Terminus station.

Railways acquired 4 biometric machines, 2 for Mumbai central and 2 for Bandra terminus.  These biometric machines can scan the fingerprints of the passengers as well as capture their images.

There is a plan to acquire more biometric machines to be set up at other stations also after the success of this initial project.

Initially, the unreserved coaches of the following trains will have the facility of the biometric system.

In other words, passengers of general classes of the following trains can travel using the biometric machine.

  • Amravati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Jaipur Superfast Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Karnavati Express (Mumbai Central station)
  • Gujarat Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Golden Temple Mail (Mumbai Central station)
  • Paschim Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Amaravati Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Avadh Express (Bandra Terminus)
  • Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Express (Bandra Terminus)

The fingerprints of the passengers who purchase their tickets for general classes will be scanned at the biometric machine. After that, they will be given a token. The total number of the tokens will be matched with the number of seats available in a particular general class coach.

Then, the passengers will have to form a queue as per the serial number on their token before the train is being placed on the platform.

There will be Railway Protection Force (RPF) staff who verifies the token serial number of passengers at the entry point of the coach and allows them to board the coach accordingly.

Thus, the RPF staff can control the crowd. There is a chance of identifying possible thieves through the records of fingerprints.

Image Credit:- Photo by Fayas S on Unsplash (Free for commercial use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/yoPjoxny8aI

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