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Aadhaar holder can block biometric info

Aadhaar holder can block biometric info

Surprising new information has been released that there is an option for Aadhaar card holders to block out their biometric information linked to the card. If a card holder wants to opt out of the UID system, then he/she can block his card with his demographic and biometric information.

This information that almost no one knows came into spotlight after the government tried to convince the Supreme Court that the Aadhaar card is completely voluntary.

This happened after a Constitution Bench led by Chief Justice of India H L Dattu wanted to know from Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi regarding the nature of Aadhaar cards. The Court wanted to know about the cards which were prepared under the guidance of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). Rohatgi stated that the making of the card and its usage is voluntary. A card holder voluntarily gets an Aadhar. If someone wants to block it, they can do so. He added that no one will be able to unblock it too. It will stay locked till he/she wants.

A three-judge bench has refused to change the directive restricting the use of Aadhaar to public distribution system and LPG subsidy. In order to let the government use the Aadhar for the sake of ambitious plans like Digital India, the law officer sough the Constitution Bench’s approval.

However, this is the first time that information related to an option which allows card holders to block the biometric information linked to his Aadhaar card has been revealed by the government or the court.

According to some sources, this mechanism was introduced some time ago following some protests from rights activists who claimed that Aadhaar allegedly trampled upon the right to privacy. They strongly fought against the fact that once enrolled, a card holder could not de-register.

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