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Railways cancels all trains till month-end

Railways cancels all trains till month end

The number of coronavirus cases is increasing in India. The total number of cases shot up to 360. In the wake of rising coronavirus cases, Indian Railways decided to cancel all passenger trains on Indian Railways and Konkan Railway till 31 March. However, goods trains services will continue as usual.

The Railways initially cancelled some services due to coronavirus outbreak. But, yesterday it announced the cancellation of all train services till the end of this month. Yet, trains which commenced journey before 4:00 a.m., Mar 22 would complete their journey.

Indian Railways operates about 9,000 passenger trains and 3,000 mail express services daily. The decision of cancellation will affect all these 12,000 trains.

Passengers will get complete refunds for these cancelled trains. The refund rules have been eased for passengers who had booked tickets to travel during March 21 and April 15.

They can apply for their refund till June 21, 2020. As per reports, around 12 people who had been infected with COVID-19 travelled in trains between March 13 and 16.

Eight people who travelled on the AP Sampark Kranti train on March 13 have tested positive for coronavirus. 4 passengers travelling on Godan Express from Mumbai to Jabalpur on 16th also have been tested positive for COVID-19. This created a panic environment among passengers.

Presence of coronavirus infected passengers made the train travel risky. In this regard, several railway passengers voluntarily decided to stop journeys. The Railways also decided to cancel trains to prevent the risk of further spreading of coronavirus.

Railways tweeted to avoid train travel as passengers may get infected if they travel along with infected passengers. It is also advised to postpone all journeys to avoid the risk.
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