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Muslim brothers help in the last cremation of a Hindu

Muslim brothers help in the last cremation of a Hindu

As some people say that there is rivalry among the various religions in the country, certain incidents that come into light reveal that most people in the country believe in humanity despite following their own religion.

Here is an instance where humanity broke the shackles of religion.

Three Muslim brothers in Amreli, Gujarat, Abu, Naseer and Zuber Qureshi are working as daily laborers and earn for livelihood. They follow their religion strictly by offering namaz five times a day and observing Ramzan fast.

Bhikhu Qureshi, the father of the brothers has a friend, Bhanushankar Pandya, a Brahmin. Their religions could not stop them from becoming close friends.

Both friends are daily laborers. However, Bhikhu Qureshi died three years ago. Bhanushankar Pandya has no family. Hence, he is living with the family as asked by his friend.

His leg was fractured due to which he was not in a position to move. The children of the Muslim brothers used to call Pandya as ‘Dada’ and their wives touch his feet to take blessings. They consider him as his father.

When Pandya was on his death bed, the brothers procured Ganga jal for him.

Not just that, they performed his last rites for a day. All religious rituals were performed as per the Hindu traditions.

Naseer’s son Arman lit the pyre. Not just that, they wanted every last rite to be according to Hindu customs. Arman is going to clean shave his head which is custom of Hindus.

Bhanushankar used to participate in the Eid festivities and bring gifts for the children in the family.

Qureshi’s family had been preparing a vegetarian meal for Pandya until his death.

The villagers are appreciating the deeds of the brother for setting an example of communal harmony.

Image Credit:- “Last Journey” by Clint Budd is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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