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Know your number as per Vedic Numerology

Know your number as per Vedic Numerology

Many people believe in numerology. They believe that the success and fortunes are achieved by this. Many ancient Hindu Shastras emphasized the influence of karma and destiny on one’s life.

While karma is related to the actions and deeds of the humans, destiny is pre-decided at the time of birth. Hence it is related to astrology. It is believed that astrological movements control destiny.

Karma can be controlled and changed by the actions and deeds while destiny cannot be changed. Yet, certain remedies are followed by people for better prospects. The birth time, date, day, month and year of the birth of persons are crucial as per astrology.

Vedic Numerology is mentioned in ancient scripts. Anka Shastra is one such scripture which reveals the influence of numbers on the life of individuals. If you believe in astrology or numerology know more about the numbers that are associated with your life.

Vedic Numerology describes that each individual has three numbers. The first is birth number, the second is destiny number and the last one is name number.

Many of you might be aware of how to calculate your birth number. You can sum up your birth date to get it.

You can get your destiny number by adding up the entire date of birth including the year and the number of the month. For instance, if you born on November 12, 1996, then your destiny number will be 3 by adding 1+2+1+1+1+9+9+6.

Your name number is different from the birth number and destiny number. Your name number is calculated by summing up each and every digit in your name. It is unique since each name has its own identity.

Your numbers reveal the fortunes and misfortunes you will get in your life. You can follow certain remedies to change the bad consequences in your life.

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