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Kerala trio launches innovative solar-powered electric tricycle

Kerala trio launches innovative solar-powered electric tricycle

Three innovative minds from Kerala have developed a groundbreaking solar-powered electric tricycle through their company, Sugrah Mobility Pvt Ltd. Jacob Thekkekara, Azim Hashmi, and Abdul Hadi Mutheri are these innovators.

This unique vehicle addresses a critical gap in the market by offering a load-bearing capacity for transporting goods, setting it apart from existing e-rickshaws.

Jacob, one of the founders of the company, and the brain behind the tricycle, realized the absence of load-capable three-wheelers. The tricycle, available nationwide, is not only electric but also 100% solar-powered.

This venture marks Jacob’s second business attempt, driven by his desire to create something impactful in his home state.

His initial business inspired him to focus on a tangible product that could make a real difference.

Recognizing the heavy reliance on three-wheelers for low to medium-scale transportation, Jacob identified the potential for a solar-powered solution.

Jacob, an IIT-Madras graduate in mechanical engineering, collaborated with his engineer friends Azim and Abdul.

In 2021, they started the research and development process, and by May 2023, they launched the solar-powered tricycle.

The pedal-assisted tricycle can carry up to 300 kg. The vehicle’s full solar power operation significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

The vehicle also features bio-hybrid technology, allowing it to be charged by pedal if needed.

Additionally, the tricycle includes variable gears, all-wheel braking, and robust tyres. Lightweight aluminium panels ensure a sturdy yet lightweight structure.

These features make the tricycle a sustainable and efficient choice for commercial use.

Jacob envisions the tricycle benefiting small business owners, factory operators, and food and vegetable vendors.

It also holds potential for garbage collection, addressing logistical challenges in charging e-rickshaws in large cities like Chennai.

Despite the innovation’s success, the trio faced challenges initially in establishing a supply chain.

The team worked closely with vendors to understand their needs and streamline the supply process.

The solar-powered tricycle is priced starting at ₹1 lakh, with the electric variant at ₹1,50,000 and the manual variant at ₹30,000.

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