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The internet of Ancient India

The internet of Ancient India

Amongst the many uses of Internet, the vast amount of information available through it is possibly the best and most useful function of it. It was found that every second, 32 terabytes of internet traffic moves. This begs the question of how things were before the internet. Going back in time to Ancient India, it is clear that Indians had a major part in storing a vast amount of information.

The texts in the ancient language of Sanskrit are so many that it is impossible to finish reading them in an entire life time of reading. The available information was also brilliantly connected and arranged to make navigation easy.

The ancient Sanskrit books can be categorized into six kinds: Vedas, Upavedas, Vedangas, Puranas, Darshanas, and Kavyas.

Vedas are large body of text filled with knowledge. They are one of the most ancient Indian literature works. They are the foundational works of Hinduism. There are four Vedas: Rigveda, Yajurveda,

Samaveda, and Atharvaveda. They are further sub-classified into four major text types: the Samhita which are mantras, or shlokas, the Aranyaka which are about rituals, holy ceremonies, and symbolic sacrifices, the Brahmanas about notations, remarks, and interpretations of those rituals, and the Upanishads which talk about spiritual knowledge and philosophy.

Similarly, the Upavedas are the second body of work for the Hindu culture. The Upavedas are quite secular compared to the spiritual Vedas. They are also divided into four categories: Ayurveda about health, Arthaveda about economics, polity, governance, Gandharvaveda about art, and Sthapatyaveda about ancient engineering, architecture, etc.

Every other text was also neatly organized just like our modern internet. There were hundreds of great poets with great impact in Sanskrit literature. India had this culture since 6000 years. It is truly remarkable about the way it is organized and it can be called the internet of Ancient times.

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