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Heroic save by Indian army

Heroic save by Indian army

The Indian army has once again shown its heroics by saving lives.

Imagine a pregnant women being stuck at 10000 feet altitude with no hope. When there was no hope of the ambulance moving and the woman was stranded, these brave soldiers went beyond their duty in extreme weather to help her.

The Indian army saved 9 people in this daring endeavor.

It happened at the nastachung pass. An ambulance was carrying nine people in extreme cold weather.

It consisted of a pregnant lady and a 15 year old boy under post-operative recovery. The horrible weather led to a road obstructing landslide at the Nastachung Pass in Kupwara District of Jammu and Kashmir.

During 7:30 PM on Thursday, the ambulance was stranded with no way to escape.

The ambulance had no way to move to Chowkibal or return to Tangdhar. It was blocked on either side due to landslide.

Since the ambulance had patients, the dangerously low temperatures were making it risky to their very lives.

However, due to the quick reaction of the Army Rescue Team, the patients escaped the fatality.

The team reached there quickly and they personally cleared the way for the ambulance so it can return back to Tangdhar.

That is not all, the army also provided the patients with medical relief.

The patients in the ambulance were all suffering with serious conditions. 15 year old Madsoor Ahmed, a resident of village Parada was being moved from Tangdhar to Chowkibal. He just had a surgery for a stomach ailment.

Along with him was Waheed Mir Age, a 24 year old women from Tangdhar. She was receiving treatment for anemia in her advance stage of pregnancy.

The story of how this army team rescued nine people in that extreme snow and dark conditions is making rounds on social media. The brave team received a lot of praise from the people.

Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay (Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://pixabay.com/photos/war-desert-guns-gunshow-soldier-1447021/

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