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Operations in Chennai Airport put on hold

Operations in Chennai Airport put on hold

Chennai is experiencing historical rains that was never before seen in the past 100 years. These constant and heavy rains are distracting the lives of normal people. Several areas in the City are water logged and people in lower areas are moving to safer places. These rain are expected to not stop for four more days, says meteorological department.

Due to non-stop rains in Chennai for over a month, normal life has disrupted. The water levels in the City has been on rise, and, the continuous rains since previous night led to shut down all operations at the airport on Wednesday.

People of low lying areas are climbing to save themselves since the water has entered homes. With one day’s rainfall, rains in Chennai covered an average of entire month’s rainfall, the present rains have broken the records of the previous 100 years. The rains are forecast in the coming four days. Due to heavy rainfall in the City, the operations in the airport are shut down today. As no landing or take-off was allowed, all the 11 foreign and 9 domestic flights were put on hold till the midnight. Later, after reviewing the posting, the operations will be resumed. The decision of suspending airport operations was taken due to water logging in several areas of the City even though the runways were not water logged, according to an airport official.

According to Meteorological Department, more rains are forecast in the coming four days in several regions of Tamil Nadu and Puducerry. To combat the emergency situations, government of Tamil Nadu has sought the help of military. Hence, army was deployed in the suburban regions of Chennai to carry out rescue operations. The Navy is also waiting to perform rescue operations in times of need. As per a senior Defence official, extra army personnel are coming to Chennai from Bengaluru for rescue operations.

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Image Reference: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chennai_Airport_ramp_view.jpg

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