Healthy Habits of Indians changed over the years

Healthy Habits of Indians that changed over the years

Healthy Habits of Indians that changed over the years

Our ancestors had many healthy habits, because of which they did not have many of the lifestyle diseases which we face today. It is shocking that the present-day India is the capital of diabetes. This disease is growing at a faster rate in our country than any other country.  Many reasons are associated with this.

There are many healthy or good habits of our ancestors which have changed over the years. Here is a list of such habits compiled for you.

Early to bed and rise

Our ancestors woke up very early in the morning before the sun rise. They used to work till sun set and eat early in the nights. Thus, their clock is adjusted according to the sun. They hardly had any bone diseases in those days. But, can you find the people getting up early in the morning and work in these days? Except the school children that are ought to go to schools, most of the people, especially youth are not getting up early. They don’t go to bed till mid night even though there is no important work as such. It does not mean that all are doing the same and everybody should get up early before the sunrise. But at least, the good habit that continued in the school days should not disappear in the later days.

Using Indian Toilet

Many young people these days have several health problems including knee pains and backaches. There are many reasons for this including their lifestyle. As a result, using Indian toilet is gradually disappearing particularly in metro cities. A decade ago, using western toilets was rare and was generally limited to old people who cannot bend. But, now, it is not the old people, but the young people who prefer using western toilets. Compared to western toilets that are suitable only for certain people, Indian toilets have many benefits. The squatting position relaxes the rectal sphincters completely, and the lack of contact with the commode helps in keeping away the germs or spreading the contaminated diseases (especially when using public toilets).

Eating slowly in a comfortable position

In olden days, people would comfortably sit on the floor or on some wooden floor stools to eat. They used to eat in banana leaves or badam leaves. Later,they started eating while watching TVs. Now, it is the era of computers and smartphones. They are eating by sitting on the chairs while chatting on the phones or sending messages. They take time to finish the meals but do not spend it in proper chewing or eating. The time they take will be spent on chatting or texting.

Spending time with relatives

Now, due to the entrance of smartphones into bed rooms that invade the privacy of individuals, people have no time to spend with their family members. Then, where will be time for spending with relatives? In the past, people used to wait eagerly for festivals. It was common for many people to meet with their kith and kin on the auspicious days, and enjoy. But, now, physical relationships are substituted by virtual relationships. Technology is meant for humans, but humans are not meant for technology. The distance in family members obviously impacts the society. In the past, Indian culture is praised by many foreign countries. But, the greatness was not recognized by Indians themselves. That’s why they are imitating others and are running after vanity.

All the people need not necessarily have all these habits. But most of the people are like that. You should not spoil your health which cannot be recovered at any cost once it begins to damage. So, it is your duty to wake up and keep up the good habits at least to the possible extent. This article is not written for hurting any individual but for the intention of remaining an eye opener.

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