Half of Indian Youth Still Prefer Arranged Marriages

Half of Indian Youth Still Prefer Arranged Marriages

Half of Indian Youth StilPrefer Arranged Marriages

More than half of Indian youth still prefer the decision of their parents on their marriage, even though the trend of love marriages has been increasing. This was revealed in a survey conducted by a matrimonial website Shaadi.com.

The survey was conducted in various cities to know how the habits of people changed over generations, and more than 3,600 people participated in it. These participants are in the age group of 24 to 35 years.

Approximately 50.1 percent respondents said that they prefer reliance on their parents to find best suitable partner for them. 31 percent participants prefer online searching, 12 percent are interested to meet via common friends and 6 percent stated that work place is an ideal way to find their life partner.

37 percent of participants preferred like-mindedness in their partner. 30 percent opted for educational qualifications. 21 percent girls consider occupation is the most important criteria while choosing their partner and 11 percent want their partner to have good looks.

The survey reflects the transition state. Though nearly half of the youth prefer their own decision on their life partner, more than half of youth still prefer their parents’ decision on their life partner.

Some other surveys that were done earlier by other organizations support this opinion that majority of youth value their parent’s decision as they have immense knowledge and experience in analyzing the situation.

The interesting part is that majority of the youth, even though they choose their partner reported in those surveys that they would prefer to marry on the consent of their parents.

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