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Win 2 lakh by helping villages with sanitation

Win 2 lakh by helping villages with sanitation

Children are the future, and that is especially true with Indian youth and the initiatives that they take.

They can be instrumental in implementing schemes on the ground.

Young Indians are energetic, passionate, and have a love of learning.

When they use these qualities in service of their country, they can do amazing things to help make India a better place.

Sometimes, young Indians have to step outside of their comfort zone to take up social responsibility.

To channel this youthful energy and responsibility, the Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has opened up opportunities for a new internship program.

This internship program is dedicated to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, which was started by the Central Government in 2014.

Students must apply for this internship by completing an online application form. They can request to have the authorities of their respective colleges guide them.

Students who apply for this internship must undertake work in one or more villages.

These villages can either be in students’ home states or in the state where their parent institutes are located. Their institutes can help the candidates make this decision.

Students must take up some kind of activity that focuses on sanitation.

In order to be eligible for the incentives given by the SPPU, candidates must complete 100 hours of sanitation-related volunteer work.

For the entirety of work conducted in rural areas, the SPPU promises up to two credits. They are also planning on giving out cash rewards for the best projects at various stages.

The reward at the college level will be ₹20,000 and the reward at the national level will be ₹2lakh.

Students must also be responsible for spreading awareness about sanitation and hygiene in rural areas.

Although college students are primarily focused on improving their prospects for a career, they must also learn their social responsibilities to become better Indian citizens.

With this sanitation-based internship program, the SPPU is helping students do just that.

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