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Indian government bars citizens from visiting Libya

Indian government bars citizens from visiting Libya

The government of India has banned Indians from travelling to Libya. The reason for government taking such a strong move is because of the severe security problems in the North African country.

The external affairs ministry released a statement and said that Indian citizens are hereby barred from entering the country of Libya because of the prevailing security situation in Libya. They announced that security threats in the country are causing a severe threat to the lives of Indians in Libya.

There are already several citizens trapped in Libya. In order to prevent more Indian citizens from getting trapped, the government of India has put a travel ban to Libya irrespective of the purpose.

The statement also said that every immigration authority has been notified about this ban. The government is expecting Indian citizens to provide compliance with the travel ban. The statement also said that the ban has been effective from May 3 this year.

The government has already managed to evacuate twenty-nine people from Libya. These 29 people belong to six families from Kerala and three from Tamil Nadu. These family members include infants too.

The evacuated people travelled from Tripoli to Istanbul landed at the Cochin international airport via Dubai.

Many of the evacuated people were working in the Zawiya Hospital in Libya’s Sabratha city. Many relatives of Keralites working in Libya demanded quick evacuation of their loved ones after the death of a Malayali nurse and her son.

Those who got evacuated from Libya are facilitated and being taken care by the union government.

The conflict in Libya has indeed caused several threats to Indian lives. Regi Joseph, a 43 year old IT engineer from Kozhikode even abducted by suspected anti-government militia group on March 31. Regi works at Souk al Jumaa near the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The move to ban Indians from going to Libya is expected to prevent further civilian casualties.

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One Response to Indian government bars citizens from visiting Libya

  1. Rajagopal says:

    I am living in tripoli, libya for many years. There is peaceful in tripol. I go to coffee shop every day and move around.
    It is basically not good for the government to do such a thing especially now as more and more embassies are coming back to libya and the libyan government is opening up. Libyan govt. is awarding more contracts.
    Yes, there is fighting in the east libya, but certainly not in west except very very few places.
    To lose a job because government think so, is really not a good option and have misled the indians to believe in so and is not the truth atall.
    I would like to to point out that there has on time salary payment especially in the oil industry and there is no reason atall to lose this job because the government think so.
    It is not a good idea to ban travel to libya just because few indians ,may be around 20 out of 2000 indians living here face hardship.
    I can say with confidence there is not security problem in the west.
    I request Indian government to lift the ban

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