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Good and bad habits that can change your future

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Habits reveal the human personality. Like attitude, they become a part of the human beings.

Whether knowingly or unknowingly, many people have some regular habits and they cannot be changed.

Do you know that people in olden days estimated future from habits?

Here is a list of some habits which are believed to change your future.

You may find these habits directly or indirectly affect you even if you don’t believe in Vastu or astrology.

Leaving the bathroom dirty after use or dumping dirty clothes around the floor is said to affect the career of the person negatively.

As per many ancient scriptures, dragging feet while walking is supposed to be a bad habit. It indicates the negative effects of Rahu. Some of them include diseases, theft, losing a family member, legal and financial losses.

Leaving unclean utensils on dining table after finishing meals is supposed to attract negative effects of Shani and moon.

Cleaning face, hands and feet after returning to home from outside relieves all your stress and clears a confused mind. It is said to eliminate the negativity.

Cleaning puja room and idols everyday improves the flow of positive energy. It is also believed to improve relationships in the family, financial resources and academics.

Unclean kitchen leads to negative effects of Mars. It impacts financial status, marital relation and self-esteem.

According to ancient culture, sleeping only in night is suggested as the bright shining moon soothes both the body and mind. But, being awake in night forces the senses to work which alters bodily functions and affects health.

Leaving footwear everywhere represents number of enemies as per ancient scriptures. It also affects social status. Footwear should be kept in an allotted space.

Disrespecting or neglecting elders in a family leads to problems related to family life, social status and career in the long-term.

Several ancient people suggested that offering cold water to guests eliminates the negative effects of Rahu and also the Kaalsarp dosha.

Spitting around their habitat is said to cause loss of wealth, success and social status.

Watering plants regularly in a home is supposed to increase the love and affection in a family.

Regular change of bed sheets and clean bed improves focus.

Talking loudly and quarreling is supposed to attract problems related to Shani.

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