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Eliminate these things from your home to be rich

Eliminate these things from your home to be rich

According to Vastu, certain things are to be removed from home to become rich. Many people believe them. Here are the things to be eliminated from your home if you want to be rich.

If you have a pigeon nest in your home, then it might cause instability in the home. Many old people also believe that it will bring bad luck as well as poverty.

Bee hive is another thing that is considered to bring poverty and bad luck to home where it exists. So, remove the bee hive with the help of professionals from your home.

Not only Vastu, but also Feng Shui believes that broken mirror bring negative energies and also lead to poverty. Hence, throw away the broken mirrors in your home.

Spider web not just make your home ugly but it is believed to be a sign of bad luck as well. So, always keep your home clean and free from spider webs to be happy and rich.

Leaky taps are the source of water wastage. Hence, they are a sign of drawing positive energy out from your home.

Bats are considered as creatures of bad luck and bring ill-health, poverty and death. So, try not to allow them into your home if you living in an areas where bats are more.

Dent in the walls is another thing which is believed to attract bad luck and poverty. So, get the walls repaired immediately if you find any dents in wall.

Never make your terrace as a dumping ground with unwanted items from your home as it is believed that a dirty terrace is a sign of bad luck.

It is also considered that stale flowers at God would bring bad luck and poverty. Dry leaves are also a sign of negative energy.

Loose wires are another thing that is believed to bring bad luck.

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