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Dhondewadi-The Vegetarian Village in Maharashtra

Dhondewadi – The Vegetarian Village in Maharashtra

Dhondewadi is a small village in Maharashtra. The entire population is not more than 1000 people in this village. But it attracts the whole world with its vegetarianism. The people in village don’t even eat eggs. They eat vegetables only.

They cultivate vegetables on their own in about 600 hectares. They follow strict vegetarianism even when they go outside for their studies or jobs. The brides who enter the village also switch to this tradition even though it is difficult for them initially. Similarly, the women of this village who are married to people in other villages also follow this tradition. The actual date of existence of this tradition is not known. Yet it is believed that it has been there for nearly 100 years. No single person in the village reported high blood pressure or diabetes. They claim that this credit goes to their vegetarianism. It is common in their village for even the older people in their eighties and nineties to work in the fields. Several students from US and Australia have been to this village to study the effects of vegetarianism.

Photo by Ilya Zoria on Unsplash(Free for Commercial Use)

Image Reference: https://unsplash.com/photos/5pGT32puBKo

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