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Beti Zindabad Bakery empowers trafficked survivors

Beti Zindabad Bakery empowers trafficked survivors

Beti Zindabad Bakery – as the name suggests it aims to empower women. They help those who survived trafficking.

This bakery is in a tribal Jashpur district of Chhattisgarh. It received ‘Nari Shakti Award’ from President of India on International Women’s Day in this month.

Parwati Chauhan, a 21-year old woman had to spend her days in the darkness of trafficking. She was rescued by the Helpline after receiving a call from her to rescue her.

But, when she was denied by her parents, the district collector Priyanka Shukla helped her. The collector didn’t save Parwati alone, but several girls as well.

Priyanka Shukla wants the rescued girls to be empowered. Hence, she helped them to get financial aid from the government to set up the bakery.

She also aids in providing necessary training in Pune for the girls.

The girls here are rescued from different parts of the country from trafficking, assault, sale and slavery.

Parwati Chouhan, who was the president of Beti Zindabad bakery received the award from the President of India.

The woman behind the empowerment of these girls is Priyanka Shukla, the district collector of Jashpur.

Priyanka Shukla was a doctor from West Bengal. While working in a hospital as part of her internship, a woman repeatedly visited her to get treatment for her stomach-ache.

Priyanka visited the area where the woman was living and observed that the problem is with the water there which was black.

When she suggested the women to stop drinking such unclean water to save herself from stomach-ache, the woman declined her saying that she won’t care about her suggestion as she was not a collector.

Shocked by the words of the woman, she decided to become a collector. She achieved a good rank in the civils exam and took charge as a cadre officer of Chhattisgarh in 2011.

Since then, she has been helping several women.

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