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Dangerous Food combinations

Dangerous Food combinations

People love to eat different foods together, since food combinations create unique and rich tastes in the mouth, which thus makes a satisfying meal.

However, some food combinations can have harmful effects in the long term.

The contents in certain foods can cause digestive problems when combined with the contents in other foods.

Bad food combinations can cause stomach aches, fatigue, nausea, and bowel movement issues.

These are some food combinations that can be especially harmful to a person’s health.

Eggs and Bacon

Although eggs and bacon are a common breakfast combination, it can cause digestion problems and lethargy. The high-protein eggs and the high-fat bacon are very difficult to digest together, causing lethargic feelings.

Burgers and fries

Burgers and fries are a common and classic combination of American foods. However, both of these foods contain trans fats, which not only cause feelings of tiredness and sleepiness, but they also cause the levels of cholesterol in the blood to rise. Trans fats can also spike blood sugar levels.

Dangerous Food combinations

Dangerous Food combinations

Pizza and soda

People often order a cold soda with their piping hot pizza, which helps for both complementing the savory taste of the pizza and providing a cooling refresher from the pizza’s burning heat. However, pizza is full of carbohydrates and protein, which takes up the body’s digestion energy. The sugar in soda slows down the digestive process, which leads to bloating in the stomach.

Cereal and juice

When people eat cereal for breakfast, they often combine it with a glass of juice as their beverage. However, this food combination will not provide sufficient energy for starting the day, which causes feelings of tiredness and heaviness. The acids in fruit juices cause the enzymes that break down the carbohydrates in cereal to be less active.

Dangerous Food combinations

Dangerous Food combinations

Nuts and olive oil

Nuts and olive oil are often present together, whether in the same dish or at the same meal. However, the combination of these two foods slow down the digestive process, since the raw fat in olive oil slows down the digestion of the high protein content in nuts.

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