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Anger of various zodiac signs

Anger of various zodiac signs

An enraged person is said to be in the worst frame of mind, and not one to be spoken to at those moments.

Since the zodiac sign of a person tends to determine their personality, there are some zodiac signs that should definitely be kept away at a far distance when angry.

Leos are believed to be kind and compassionate, but anyone who knows one knows well not to mess with one when angered. They should not be taken for granted in their compassion either, as they possess a powerful force, and do not think twice before taking up their vengeance.

Messing with a Scorpio is one of the biggest mistakes that one can make. Like a scorpion, they have a sharp bite, and are therefore not afraid to resort to cutting insults.

They also tend to exaggerate their anger, so even if they were wrong about their emotion, they will still give quite the burn of it.

When a Sagittarius gets mad, they will not hold onto their tongue about it. They make their target feel from bad to worse with words alone. However, once their anger passes, they will apologize for their outburst of it.

Upon plotting vengeance on their target, a Capricorn will not leave one detail hanging.

They will always ensure that the person pays well for the discontent which they are facing, and they are not afraid to direct their criticisms toward their target.


However, they are a great asset to have as an ally, as Capricorns are extremely loyal.

People with the Taurus zodiac are said to be extremely stubborn and quite uncompromising.

Avoiding an argument or confrontation with a Taurus is the best idea to take, as when they are angry, they will always force their views down the throats of others and also deny opinions of others.

However, once cooled down, they can be one’s best friend, and also help guide through a lot of difficult situations.

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