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WHO says Patanjali’s medicine is not approved by them

WHO says Patanjali's medicine is not approved by them

Patanjali, an Ayurveda based Indian company is now in hot waters after their claims have been disputed. The company recently launched a new medicine called “Coronil” to fight COVID-19.

In their advertisement to sell the product, the company used the phrase “WHO GMP certified”. As a result, people started thinking that this is WHO approved medicine to treat COVID-19.

As usual, social media was on fire about this issue. Everyone was saying whatever they felt like without any proper evidence.

It does not help that after Baba Ramdev announced a scientific research paper on evidence-based medicine Coronil, many people including news outlets and social media users shared misleading ‘facts’ on the internet. They were saying that Coronil has been approved as a medicine for coronavirus by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

As soon as these claims came in, WHO tweeted out they have not confirmed any such things. They said that the effectiveness of any traditional medicine for COVID-19 has not been confirmed.

After the tweet by WHO, Patanjali was met with some backlash. Some others claimed that the statement of WHO is not relevant to India and its medicine.

Amidst the Twitter war, Patanjali further issued a clarification on Twitter saying that the certificate they got was a WHO GMP compliant CoPP certificate. This certificate has been issued to Coronil by DCGI, the Government of India and not WHO.

Acharya Balkrishna clarified that it is a Goods Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product (CoPP). This is provided by the Indian government and not WHO. He added that the CPP license was issued in accordance with the WHO GMP quality.

Furthermore, he said that the WHO does not approve or disapprove of any drugs from any nation. He said that WHO is for all the world and they do not provide approvals for medicine in India.

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