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Understand India’s concern: China

Understand India’s concern: China

Despite China’s block on announcing Masood Azhar as a global terrorist, India says that it is waiting for the matter to be resolved in a positive way.

India would wait for China to join other nations and allow blacklisting the global terrorist Masood Azhar.

In this regard, Luo Zhaohui the Chinese Ambassador to India said that China understands the concern of India. He added that they are optimistic about resolving this matter soon.

Currently, China held this matter in the United Nations Security Council using its veto power. China’s move irritated several nations. Even many Indians expressed their anger and protest to the move of China on Twitter to boycott Chinese products.

But, India said that it would patiently wait for China to support it in allowing the proceedings against the global terrorist who was responsible for many terror attacks in India.

China replied to this statement saying that it understands the concern of India and hopes the matter to be resolved soon.

So far, all countries are in a feeling that China has blocked the development. But with the current statement, it seems that the matter is currently on technical hold, but will be resolved in the future.

In addition to the statement of Chinese envoy, an official source also stated that the hold is not a block and China would continue to work with everyone.

However, India succeeded in submitting enough evidence before the world to prove the existence of terror groups operating in Pakistan.

Last week China vetoed the move of designating Azhar as a global terrorist and put it on hold. Though India was first disappointed, now some possibility appears to convince China.

Courtiers like France, US, and UK are also trying to convince China to join them in the fight against terrorism.

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