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Tech giants promote Hindi Apps

Tech giants promote Hindi Apps

The 10th World Hindi Conference which is going on now from September 10 to September 12 created a huge competition among tech giants as they are bumping to attract people.

Many tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft are showcasing their apps in Hindi to attract the people that attend the Conference.

They also are presenting how their apps can be downloaded quickly in Hindi from their AppStores. Thus, they are promoting Hindi through their applications. But, this is not the first time. Earlier also, companies used such tactics to grab the attention of Indians who are the major market for them.

According to Microsoft India Marketing Director Alok Lall, a project called ‘Bhasha’ was launched in India in 2000. Under this project, Hindi and Tamil languages were integrated both in Windows and MS Office primarily.

He added that the Company is promoting the local languages by developing easily manageable Hindi keyboards by the users as part of Digital India. Under Skill India, a Hindi version of Bing search Engine was developed by them and it is a major success.

The Business Development Manager of Apple stated that their AppStore is furnished with Hindi dictionary and typing. These options are available in not just desktop and laptop, but in iPad as well. Another technology giant Google is also not an exemption to this. It uses its ways to catch the attention of visitors. And thus, all the leading technology companies are competing to promote Hindi which is a welcoming consequence.

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