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Hindi is now the most widely spoken language


Mandarin, the official language of China has been toppled from the position of most widely spoken language by the national language of India, Hindi. Jayanti Prasad Nautiyal, deputy general manager of Corporation Bank conducted a linguistic research which shows that Hindi beats Mandarin as the most spoken language worldwide.

It is found that the number of people speaking Hindi is 1,200 million whereas Mandarin has a total of 1,050 million who speak it. Nautiyal has stated that the number of people speaking Hindi has increased steadily, while there is slow growth in the number of people speaking Mandarin.

Another interesting fact pointed out here is that there are approximately 7.02 billion out of which 1.2 billion speak Hindi. This means that one in six people in the world knows Hindi. The work was released by Rajan Kumar, economic advisor, ministry of finance, in a national seminar which organized by the finance ministry on World Hindi Day at Lucknow.

Nautiyal has stated that one of the reasons why Mandarin was pushed to the second spot was because of English which was becoming the preferred language in China. On the other hand, Hindi being simple attracted not just Indians, but many people over the world.

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