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Soon PUC certificate will have a common format across the nation

Soon PUC certificate will have a common format across the nation

The Ministry of Road Transport & Highways issued a notification related to PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificates.

As per the notification, there will be a uniform Pollution Under Control Certificate (PUC) format across the nation.

The PUC database will be linked with the National Register.

For the first time, the concept of Rejection slip is being introduced. If the test result value of a vehicle is more than the maximum permissible value, a rejection slip will be issued. All vehicles should be under the prescribed emission norms. Or else, they will be issued a rejection slip.

This slip can be shown at the service centre for getting the vehicle service centre. The vehicle owners can also use it to test at another PUCC centre if the device is not working properly at one centre.

The mobile number of the vehicle owner is mandatory to receive SMS for validation and fee.

The vehicle owner’s name and address, mobile number, engine number and the chassis number (only the last four digits are visible and the other digits shall be masked) will be kept confidential.

If a motor vehicle is not complying with provisions of Emission standards, the enforcement officer may communicate in writing or through electronic mode to the owner. In such cases, vehicle owners are asked to submit the vehicle for conducting the test in any one of the authorized Pollution Under Control (PUC) testing centres. If they fail to comply with it or submit the vehicle for compliance, the owner shall have to pay the penalty.

Also, the registering authority can suspend the certificate of registration of the vehicle and any permit granted to the vehicle until the vehicle gets a valid PUC certificate.

As the enforcement would be IT-enabled for better control over polluting vehicles.

Besides, the QR code will be printed on the form, which contains complete information about the PUC Centre.

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