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Delhiites have to carry a valid PUC or pay fine

Delhiites have to carry a valid PUC or pay fine

The Delhi government announced implementing a new rule. As per this rule, vehicle owners have to carry a valid pollution under control (PUC) certificate, or else their driving licence will be suspended for three months.

Delhi is one of the most pollution-affected cities in the country. Every year, many Delhiites suffer from respiratory problems due to pollution. To control pollution, the Delhi government announced the new rule.

The Delhi transport department issued a public notice in this regard. It urged all vehicle drivers to carry a valid PUC certificate. A PUC certificate ensures that vehicles are under the permissible limit of emissions and they do not lead to pollution. It is difficult for older vehicles to pass pollution tests.  A valid PUC certificate helps control pollutants. Hence, all vehicle owners are requested to carry a PUC certificate by getting their vehicles checked from the authorized centres.

There are more than 900 pollution checking centres in Delhi. These authorized centres are set up at various petrol pumps and workshops.

The fee for pollution checking varies from ₹60 to ₹100, based on the type of vehicle and fuel. While the fee is ₹80 for petrol-operated four-wheelers, it is ₹100 for diesel vehicles.

Except for new vehicles, all vehicles have to carry a valid PUC certificate as per Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989. New vehicles are exempted for one year from the date of their registration.

If vehicle drivers are caught without a valid PUC certificate, they will be levied a fine of up to ₹10,000, or they may face imprisonment up to six months or both. Besides, their driving licence will also be suspended.

Earlier, the Delhi government announced a public notice saying that old diesel vehicles of above 10 years are not allowed on the roads of Delhi. The allowed term for petrol vehicles is 15 years.

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