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Social Stigma in India reduces coronavirus screening

Social Stigma in India reduces coronavirus screening

Coronavirus positive cases have been increasing in India. Health experts and scientists warn to avoid social gatherings and recommend to be isolated if they have any symptoms. They say that prevention can help stop the exponential spreading of COVID-19.

However, several suspects that are kept under quarantine are fleeing from those facilities due to social stigma and isolation fears. This can create a panic condition in the country and increase the risk of spreading deadly disease.

The number of highest COVID-19 cases were reported in Maharashtra. In this context, instead of taking preventative measures, eleven suspected people of coronavirus who were kept in isolation ran away from a hospital in Navi Mumbai yesterday.

Their test results are yet to be received. These suspects have had a travel history to Dubai.

In another incident, four suspected coronavirus patients fled from a government-run hospital last week. Most people are afraid of being isolated. Many people prefer to be quarantined in their homes, however, they can infect their family members and others who have contact with them.

Some others do not come forward for screening lest they are termed as ‘people spreading the virus’. Health experts suggest that this is what people should have to stop; otherwise, the social stigma forces the suspects to avoid screening and other preventive measures.

This may lead to an increase in the number of cases of the disease. That’s why countries like Sri Lanka are enforcing six-month imprisonment if anyone is found hiding the symptoms of COVID-19.

In this situation, some people felt that the government should focus on building trust among patients and suspects to be treated with dignity.

A positive environment has to be created and a friendly attitude of healthcare workers is essential for better results.

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