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Road Ministry to notify emission norms

Road Ministry to notify emission norms

The road transport ministry is going to notify the emission norms for both petrol and ethanol cars to use them with maximum efficiency. These norms will be expected in the coming week.

The new emission norms will help car manufacturers design their new engines as per the standards. The new engine is known as E100 that enables car owners to shift between the two fuels, petrol and ethanol.

In the previous statement on Wednesday, Nitin Gadkari, the road transport minister stated that new norms regarding emission will be notified by January 26, 2016. But later, the process was fast-tracked and it was decided to announce them within a week time. The ministry has already notified norms for heavy vehicles that run on diesel and also utilize ethanol up to 95%. This engine is known as ED95.

Both these engines E100 and ED95 have less pollution due to their lower emissions compared to vehicles on diesel and petrol engines. Furthermore, the use of ethanol helps in lessening the imports of crude oil and thereby the dependency of India on other countries for it. Thus, it saves both money and environment.

The road transport minister while his speech to the leaders of India Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), said that many automobile manufacturers are already selling cars with flex-fuel in numerous countries. Brazil, the largest sugar producer in the world is also in this list. India being listed as the second largest sugar producer is facing problem with its excess sugar due to drop in its international prices. If ethanol is produced for vehicles with this sugar, it will be a good solution, the minister said.

The ISMA president, A Vellyan stated that the contracts for ethanol supplies were finalised at 80 crore litres for the 2014-15 sugar season. These contracts were entered for the whole season. And for the current sugar season, the companies have issues only one invitation and the industry offered 147 crore litres. Out of this, OMCs could finalise contracts for 104 crore litres. These supplies will have to be made from December 2015 to November 2016.

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