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Ready to eat lunch by Railways

Ready to eat lunch by Railways

The railways have launched ‘ready to eat’ lunch items for passengers. They aim to provide a wide range of options for passengers having meals on trains. Previously, an e-catering service has been introduced on the certain trains and stations. Now, the railways launched the option of ordering pre-cooked food.

All railway zones have been issued guidelines on the ready to eat meals. The Mail or Express trains which have pantry cars have asked to serve pre-cooked food as an add-on under the a-la-carte category said a senior official from railways.

The official said that railways took all steps necessary to make sure that good quality food is served with good hygiene to passengers. They have prepared provision for imposition of penalties in case of any problems with the service, he added.

Reputed companies which make ready to eat foods have been selected by the North Western Railway. Four firms have been empanelled to provide precooked meals, they are: Gitwako Farms, BTW India, Gits Food Products and Aryan Food Products.

At present, the e-catering service has been launched for 1,350 trains. These are all trains which do not have pantry cars. The service has been launched at 45 stations across the country. In order to ensure that quality food is given to passengers, the railways has empanelled various reputed brands like KFC, Dominos, Haldiram, Bittoo Tikki Wala, Food Panda etc.

The railways want to make sure that customers get the best possible service with respect to the new precooked food scheme. They announced that many rules and impositions are being set up to prevent any problems. If a passenger has any complaint they want to lodge, a new helpline number at 138 has been started. This number is not just for complaints, passengers can also post suggestions regarding the food and catering service at this number.

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