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Railways to convert saloons to luxury trains

Railways to convert saloons to luxury trains

To improve its revenue, Indian Railways decided to convert 200 saloons into 10 luxury tourist trains. These trains would be run by the IRCTC.

Initially, these saloons are meant to be used by railway officials as inspection cars while visiting distant places.

Each saloon has a lounge, two bedrooms, a pantry, a kitchen and a toilet. One can stay in this saloon for up to five days.

But, now, Railways decided to convert 200 of them to tourist trains to be operated by the IRCTC. It says that some saloons are kept for the use of railway officials. 10 such luxury trains will be operated soon for passengers.

Several controversies arose last year on the misuse of these saloons by railway officials. In this context, Railway minister Piyush Goyal had given up the use of his saloons.

He also urged to give up these saloons for public use.

The Railways says that the Railway Board has prepared a certain set of instructions to regulate the use of these saloons by the employees.

It has said that these are intended mainly for inspection purposes while focusing on safety.

Each zone will have two extra carriages in addition to the saloons and observation car. A self-propelled inspection car will also be there for every railway division. This car will have windows on both ends.

Now the Railways decided to turn some of these saloons to luxury trains and issued instructions.

The instructions said that this move would attract premium tourist traffic and help earn additional revenue for the Railways.

Railways has a total of 336 saloon cars in various railway zones. Nearly 62 are air-conditioned.

The first privately-occupied saloon coach with complete air-conditioned rooms, valet service and an attached bathroom had been run by the IRCTC in March 2018. The cost was ₹2 lakh.

IRCTC would soon announce the routes after which the saloons can be booked on the website.

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