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Railways to introduce ladies only coaches soon

Railways to introduce ladies only coaches soon

Lately, the Indian Railways has been stepping up in terms of protecting the safety of its female passengers. It has marked 2018 as the year of women’s security.

This year, it is continuing to implement steps to help women feel safer and better-protected while they are traveling on trains.

Back in November of 2017, the Indian Railways had launched an app that ensures the safety of women in Mumbai’s locals.

The Indian Railways is also implementing their women-exclusive coaches.

The Railways has decided to place these women-exclusive coaches in the center of the train, instead of putting them at the end.

The women-exclusive coaches will be painted differently from the normal coaches. This will make them easier to identify.

More safety measures are being discussed for these coaches, such as CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television) cameras and wire meshes to cover up the windows.

The wire meshes would be used to prevent any miscreants from entering these coaches through the windows.

The coaches will have a mixed crew for the ticket checkers, or the RPF (Railways Protection Force) personnel.

A policy decision regarding this issue was taken by a committee comprised of Ashwani Lohani, the Railway Board Chairman, Mohd Jamshet, a Member of the Traffic Service, and other senior officials.

The committee said that they also want the stations that are managed by women to increase from three to 100 within the next three years.

General Managers will be earmarking 10 stations from every zone for the purpose of increasing the number of stations managed by women.

The Railways is also planning to add infrastructure facilities at railway stations.

It is expected to add trains with separate toilets and changing rooms for women as well.

Although the Indian Railways is taking several steps forward in women’s safety with these changes, they say that a change in mindset is also essential.

However, thanks to their efforts, women can start to feel safer while riding on trains.

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