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Pillion Rides – E-bikes taxi service

Pillion Rides - E-bikes taxi service

Delhi is reportedly the most polluted city in the country, since it topped a recently-made report by Greenpeace, which listed the twenty most polluted Indian cities. Many efforts have been made to help lower the pollution in Delhi, but those efforts have had other consequences as well.

Putting a check on the city’s rate of traffic has hurt many of Delhi’s residents, most of whom are reliant on private vehicles for last-mile connectivity.

However, Nikhil Malik, Karan Chadha, and Pawneesh Rampal decided to bridge the last-mile connectivity gap for Delhi residents, and thus, they launched Pillion Rides.

Pillion Rides was originally launched as Prompto, which began in April 2016 to provide an eco-friendly transport option for city residents. The company serves as taxi transportation, operated by electronic bikes (or e-bikes) instead of cars.

They are available for all local commuters, located at bus stops and metro stations.

It began with only twenty bikes and twenty-five riders, but Pillion Rides’ uniquely convenient and eco-friendly method of transportation allowed it to gain ground quickly.

Today, not only have they expanded to a sixty-bike fleet, but they are also proudly supporting government initiatives like Make in India and promoting women employment by hiring several female riders in their team.

Currently, Pillion Rides is expecting to grow the team to one hundred and twenty-five people. They are also planning to become the first electronic bike business to venture into the deliveries of e-commerce companies.

Pillion Rides maintains a strong focus on passenger safety, doing stringent background checks on all of their riders and offering an insurance policy of up to ₹100,000.

Pillion Rides - E-bikes taxi service

Pillion Rides – E-bikes taxi service

With its safe and eco-friendly policy attracting more and more customers daily, Pillion Rides is hoping to put a dent in Delhi’s high rate of carbon emission, and create a better environment for all of the city’s residents.

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